Brynn (pslovetheblack) wrote in vendettared,

To anyone who freaked out about the funeral thing

Sorry to piss you all off and scare you. I just got an idea because of something I said when me and my friend were talking (when we first heard the news and were totally in shock) I said " We have to go to the show on Sunday because I feel like it might be the last one we will get to go to, and we will have to say our goodbyes before it is too late, and we are attending a funeral." And then being my weird dumb self... I thought light bulb! We should all wear funeral T shirts. We didnt mean it to make people mad. Actually I thought that maybe if VR could see how much we all really care, enough to organize something to show them our feelings, that they might try a little harder to work out their issues. I didnt mean to piss people off. That is all.
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